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Rise Together: Building a stronger & more equitable Rhode Island - The Raimondo Administration

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Raimondo Signs An Act to Support Working Mothers, Families

PROVIDENCE, RI - Governor Gina M. Raimondo today hosted a bill signing ceremony at Packaging and More in Central Falls to mark the passage of legislation requiring employers provide reasonable accommodations in the workplace for pregnant women and new moms (H 5674 and S 0276).

"As a working mother, it was important to sign this bill to show support for pregnant and nursing women in the workplace," said Governor Gina Raimondo. "I know firsthand how important it is to work in a welcoming, professional and supportive environment when pregnant and after having a child. Having different perspectives in the workplace will foster productivity and ultimately make our economy stronger."

This legislation was sponsored by Senator Hanna M. Gallo (D-Dist. 27, Cranston, West Warwick) and Representative Shelby Maldonado (D-Dist. 56, Central Falls) and approved by the General Assembly.

"A good female employee does not stop being a good employee simply because she becomes pregnant or gives birth," said Senator Hanna Gallo. "Progressive companies that acknowledge the value of all their employees will readily make these kinds of accommodations. Those employers that may not be so open-minded will, by virtue of this legislation, be required to."

"The bill also prohibits employers from requiring an employee to take leave if another reasonable accommodation can be provided," said Representative Shelby Maldonado. "It's all about fairness to women. It also makes it unlawful to deny employment opportunities to an employee or prospective employee if such denial is based on the refusal of the employer to reasonably accommodate an employee's condition related to pregnancy or childbirth."