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Rise Together: Building a stronger & more equitable Rhode Island - The Raimondo Administration

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Raimondo Reminds Rhode Islanders to Prepare for Messy Monday Morning Commute

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - With more snow expected to fall steadily throughout the evening and overnight tonight, Governor Gina M. Raimondo reminded Rhode Islanders to take caution on the roads.

"As our state continues to face more snow and winter weather, I want to remind everyone again to please use caution on the roads," Raimondo said. "The snow is expected to fall steadily tonight across the state, so the roads will be messy and potentially dangerous for the morning commute. Please stay off the roads this evening if you don't need to be outside, and plan for extra time to get to work tomorrow."

"As with every storm, I also want to remind Rhode Islanders to check on neighbors and loved ones and make sure they are prepared with what they need to stay safe and warm," Raimondo added.

Across Rhode Island, snow totals are expected to range from three to four inches of heavy, wet snow in the coastal sections of the state, up to four to eight inches in the southern sections. This is predicted to be a fast-moving system, with snow stopping by the Monday morning commute.

The Governor is in touch with state agencies, National Grid, and the Red Cross. As always, Rhode Islanders should monitor social media and the news media for continued updates:

• @GinaRaimondo

• @RhodeIslandEMA

• @RIDOTNews

• @RIStatePolice

• @nationalgridus

• @NWS

Additional Information & Safety Reminders:

• Remember: Do NOT call 911 to report a power outage. Contact National Grid at 1-800-465-1212.

• When shoveling, remember to take frequent breaks to avoid overexertion.

• Keep fire hydrants clear of snow.

• Check on your neighbors and loved ones to make sure they are prepared for cold weather and snow.

• Make sure generators are operated away from the home and in a well-ventilated area to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

• Plan long trips carefully, listening to the news/media for the latest weather forecasts and road conditions.

• Make an emergency supply kit for your vehicle, in addition to the emergency supply kit for your home.

Include a shovel, jumper cables, and a bag of sand.

• Keep your gas tank full.

• Install good winter tires with adequate tread.

• Check your windshield wiper fluid.