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Rise Together: Building a stronger & more equitable Rhode Island - The Raimondo Administration

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Governor Raimondo's Remarks on Inhumane Separation of Children from their Families

PROVIDENCE, RI- Below are remarks as prepared by Governor Raimondo for a press conference earlier today calling on President Trump to end the inhumane practice of ripping innocent children from their parents and placing them in foster homes around the country, thousands of miles from their families.

Good afternoon. I am here because we're hearing increasing reports that children are being separated from their families at the border and sent to foster homes in other states, often thousands of miles away from their parents.

Let me be clear: the only acceptable place for these children is back with their parents.

And I'm here to say that we Rhode Islanders are not going to aid this Trump Administration policy -- in any shape or form.

I'm calling on President Trump to end this policy today. Every good-hearted person -- public official and private citizen alike -- should stand up against this mean, immoral, inhumane policy.

Although the families opening their doors have good intentions, the Trump administration's policy needs to end today. Sending these kids further away from their parents could delay reunification by days, weeks, months or even permanently.

I cannot be silent. As a mother, I can't imagine the pain and suffering these families are going through. The Trump Administration's family separation policy is immoral and inhumane, and new reports are increasingly disturbing.

I'd like to thank our federal delegation for their opposition to this terrible policy. We are lucky to live in a state where state, federal and city officials speak out against immoral policies.